General Purchasing Conditions for Suppliers

Last update: 12.12.2018

1. Scope and terms of cooperation

1.1. The Seller undertakes to deliver ordered goods.
1.2. The Buyer will place purchase order for goods in accordance with the unit prices included in the offer submitted by the Seller and /or the pricelist submitted by the Seller
1.3. Each order placed by the Buyer will require from the Seller a written confirmation of the purchase order to be processed.
1.4. Any arrangements between the Buyer and the Seller concerning cooperation and changes made to purchase orders, price lists, offers will require a written form.
1.5. In the event of discrepancies between the terms contained in the purchase order and the conditions contained in this document, the conditions set out in the order will be binding.

2. Terms of payment and invoicing

2.1. After each delivery of goods in accordance with the Buyer’s purchase order, the Seller will provide the invoices in accordance with the all required regulations and requirements of the Buyer.
2.2. Beyond legal requirements, invoices will contain the purchases order number, the number and description of the Buyer’s item and the information „goods manufactured in Poland“ if applicable.
2.3. Invoices can be delivered by the Seller together with the delivered goods, sent by traditional mail or via email to the following email address:
2.4. Timely issued invoices will be paid according to agreed payment terms, counting from the date of issuing correct invoice, to the Seller’s bank account.
2.5. The invoice will be delivered by the seller within 5 days from the date of delivery of the goods.
2.6. Incomplete delivery of goods against the purchase order, will result withholding payment until all ordered items are delivered.

3. Transport and delivery

3.1. The Seller will arrange transport of the goods to the place of delivery.
3.2. The standard delivery time for goods will be 2 weeks, unless agreed otherwise, however will not exceed 4 weeks.
3.3. The delivery date specified in the purchase order confirmation will be final, however the Buyer allows the possibility of earlier partial deliveries after an earlier reconciliation.
3.4. The goods will be marked according to appropriate rules and in accordance with the instructions of the Buyer.
The minimum mark should contain:
a. Identification of the Seller
b. Item number and description of the item, quantity
c. Purchase order number
d. Place of delivery

3.5. Exceeding the confirmed delivery date, resulting in the risk of timely execution of Buyer’s production orders, authorizes the Buyer to withdraw from the purchase order without the necessity to pay, with the reservation that the Buyer and the Seller will take all actions to set a new delivery date, which will ensure the continuity of the Buyer’s production. Any information about withdrawal from the purchase order will be forwarded in writing to the Seller.

4. Documentation

4.1 At the latest at the time of delivery, the Seller will provide the Buyer with operating instructions,
drawings, technical data sheets, certificates of conformity and other necessary documentation
if applicable.

5. Incompatibility of the delivered goods

5.1 If delivered goods, will be inconsistent with purchase order the Buyer can either accept goods with agreed lower price or refuse no- compliant goods and demand replacement of the goods or making necessary repairs.
5.2 In case of repair or replacement of the goods, Seller is committed to act immediately in close cooperation with the Buyer, arranging new, shorter delivery time, so that it will have the limited impact on the Buyer’s production flow.