Grafotronic SR3 | High-Speed Die Cutting

The SR3 Die Cutting is the latest high-speed machine for die cutting of blank and pre-printed labels. This third generation die cutting machine has been updated with the latest servo technology. The easy to use interface and the open machine design is made for maximum operator friendliness. The SR3 Die Cutting has a very compact footprint which is important in most printing plants today.


Intelligent unwind unit:

  • Built-in measuring system of mother roll and automatic set up of web tension throughout the machine

Drive system:

  • Latest servo technology for full web control
  • Machine in solid construction and perfectly balanced

Slitting system:

  • Split version: shear cutting system and razor blade

Die cutting:

  • Servo driven die cutting station
  • Adaptation of unit to use your existing magnetic cylinders
  • In register die cutting 200 m/min [650 ft/min]
  • Blank label die cutting 250 m/min [820 ft/min]
  • Full contact matrix waste rewind for difficult shapes

Rewind unit:

  • Rewind 600 mm [24″] on 1 shaft or 2×450 mm [2 x 18″] simultaneously
  • For labels and mono film materials with perfect and automatic tension

Rewind shafts:

  • To change the new Q-SHAFT you turn a handle 180 degrees.
  • Q-SHAFT is quick, easy and hassle free


  • Web widths: 350 mm / 450 mm [14″ / 18″]
  • Max. speed blanks: 250 m/min [820 ft/min]
  • Max. speed in register: 200 m/min [656 ft/min]
  • Max. unwind diameter: 750 mm [30″]
  • Max. rewind diameter: 600 mm [24″] / 2 x 450 mm [2 x 18″]
  • Operation: R/L or L/R
  • Size: L 1720 x W 1210 x H 1800 mm

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