Grafotronic SR2 | High-Speed Die Cutting

Grafotronic SR2 Die Cutting is a machine with a compact footprint. Every little part of the machine has been re-designed and updated with the latest technology. The easy-to-use control panel and the open machine design is made for maximum operator friendliness.


Intelligent unwind unit:

  • Built-in measuring system of mother roll and automatic set up of web tension throughout the machine

Drive system:

  • Latest servo technology for full web control
  • Machine in solid construction and perfectly balanced

Slitting system:

  • Split version: shear cutting system and razor blade

Die cutting:

  • Servo driven die cutting station
  • Adaptation of unit to use your existing magnetic cylinders
  • In register die cutting 200 m/min [650 ft/min]
  • Blank label die cutting 250 m/min [820 ft/min]
  • Full contact matrix waste rewind for difficult shapes

Rewind unit:

  • Rewind 600 mm [24″] on 1 shaft or 2×450 mm [2 x 18″] simultaneously
  • For labels and mono film materials with perfect and automatic tension

Rewind shafts:

  • To change the new Q-SHAFT you turn a handle 180 degrees.
  • Q-SHAFT is quick, easy and hassle free

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS of Grafotronic SR2 Die Cutting:

  • Web widths: 350 mm / 450 mm [14″ / 18″]
  • Max. speed blanks: 250 m/min [820 ft/min]
  • Max. speed in register: 200 m/min [656 ft/min]
  • Max. unwind diameter: 750 mm [30″]
  • Max. rewind diameter: 600 mm [24″] / 2 x 450 mm [2 x 18″]
  • Operation: R/L or L/R
  • Size: L 1720 x W 1210 x H 1800 mm

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