Latest innovations from Grafotronic

Grafotronic machines are made with the latest technology available and with focus on short set up times and very high productivity. New innovations and technologies helped us to create and supply this new superior generation of machines.



  • The revolutionary WIFI-SLITTING automatic knife positioning system fully integrated in the machine
  • The System position the full set of shear cut knives within 15 seconds
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GIGAFAST semi-rotary die cutting unit 160 m/min

Q-LOAD quick loading system for cylinders


NON-STOP rewinding solution

  • Non-stop buffer for continuous run
  • Semi-automatic turret
  • AUTOCUT automatic cut at end of roll and start of new cycle


FULL-CONTACT matrix rewinder

  • Perfect solution for special shapes and difficult materials
  • Together with backscore unit, incl. 2 knives
  • For high speed die cutting




  • No more keys or tools and multiple screws to turn to be able to change the rewind shafts.
  • With the new Q-SHAFT you turn 1 handle 180 degrees
  • Q-SHAFT is quick, easy and hassle free
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