Labelprint24 invests in two more Grafotronic finishing machines

Online printing company, Labelprint24, a leading German manufacturer of labels and system vendor of packaging materials has invested again in Grafotronic equipment, this time in a Hi³ and DCL² converting machine. They will join another Grafotronic Inspection Slitter / Rewinder purchased in 2020.

Labelprint24, with its Head Office in Zeithain and Branch offices in Frankurt, Poland and Czech Republic, is one of the top brands in Europe for packaging products and labels of all types. The company develops and manufactures packaging solutions from cardboard, foil and paper for product manufacturers and companies of every size and trades throughout Europe. To meet their continuous growth plan, Labelprint24 management decided to invest in more Grafotronic equipment to increase production capacity.

Grafotronic HI³ 570 was ordered specified for slitting and inspection tasks. Innovative automation features like SCI-FI KNIVES (automatic knife positioning system) and Semi-Turret with AUTOCUT (automatic web cutting and start of new cycle) will optimize their label production process and boost Labelprint24’s productivity.

Grafotronic DCL² 550 was purchased as a finishing machine for digitally pre-printed labels. The DCL² will be connected inline with a digital press but thanks to the Grafotronic buffer system and an additional processing system, the machine can also be used in a tandem setup.

The DCL² is equipped with a semi-rotary die-cutting unit, which can follow the production speed of the digital printing machine of 100 m/min, even with a machine width of 550 mm. When we made our purchase decision, this was a condition that Grafotronic was able to meet”, said Mr. Stefan Harder, the owner of Labelprint24.

The big advantage of Grafotronic’s solutions is its 100% modular construction and possibility of future upgrades.

Today we are faced with constantly and rapidly changing requirements for our print products and the modular design of the machine offers us long-term investment security,” continued Mr. Stefan Harder. “From our own experience, Labelprint24 can also confirm that Grafotronic’s motto <<When we say modular – we mean modular for our customers!>> is true”.

Graficon Maschinenbau AG is representing Grafotronic in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is responsible for installations, repairs and maintenance. Both machines will be accepted, installed, and commissioned during Q4 2021.