die cutting module

Semi-rotary die cutting module

Semi-rotary re-register servo driven die cutting station with anvil and support roller



  • Compensation program for flexible dies
  • Automatic die loading / release system for flexible dies
  • Servo driven matrix rewinder, standard type
  • Contact matrix waste rewind (snowball type) incl. backscore unit
  • K&B Gapmaster with oiling system
  • K&B die pressure system
  • Grafotronic die pressure system
  • Additional, longer pressure screws for small cylinders (for rotary mode with semi-rotary die station)


  • Quick and easy change of flexible dies
  • Easy to operate with step by step guide on operator panel
  • Time saving, user friendly solution
  • Flexible die change in 30 seconds
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Digital Cross Perforation unit

  • Digitally controlled perforation station
  • Compact solution for flexible dies
  • Flexible die with 1 perforation line for all sizes
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