Grafotronic Celebrates Grand Opening of 3rd factory expansion – galeria zdjęć

Grafotronic recently celebrated the grand opening of its manufacturing facility in Warsaw, Poland. The 1600m2 expansion nearly doubles the size of the facility, allowing the company to optimize its manufacturing processes.

On 3rd of March Håkan Sundqvist, Grafotronic President and Founder, together with Mattias Malmqvist (Vice President Sales & Marketing) and Tomasz Skrobik (Vice President & CTO) cut the ribbon and thereby officially opened a whole new section of the production facility.
Opening of new factory expansion took place during Grafotronic Distributors Meeting, where company specialists presented recently launched solutions and officially announced launch of new „jaw droppning” innovations.

Luca Goldoni, Global Product and Key Account Manager responsible for the global expansion of Grafotronic embellishment solutions presented HAPTIC series, which provides perfect ability to produce outstanding labels, utilizing advanced hot stamping and screen-printing technology. Guests had the opportunity to learn more about three recently introduced to the market high-end embellishing modules – one high speed flatbed screen-printing module and two different high-accuracy and high-speed hot stamping and embossing modules.
Grafotronic also invested significant R&D resources in developing the software driving the LasX module, which is fully integrated with its SCI-FI Laser series. Dave Birch, Grafotronic’s Laser Specialist, presented all special features of this series, and introduced unique EDGELESS solution, which eliminates white edges to full bleed. In EDGELESS the material is delaminated from the liner, transported to the laser by conveyor, where laser cut labels from reverse side. At the end of the process labels are laminated back onto the liner, which stays untouched by the laser.

Mattias Malmqvist introduced three completely new innovations from Grafotronic: Grafotronic IQ, The ONE and Fully Automatic Turret.
Grafotronic IQ is an innovative, pioneering and unique on the market fully automatic production set up system, where set of cameras and sensors is taking over all the manual adjustments. Grafotronic IQ shortens set up times, ensures repeatable, excellent quality of labels and helps to lower the amount of waste at job change. Grafotronic IQ is connected to Grafotronic CONNECTED+ App, collecting data from all Grafotronic machines in the plant (measures waste, uptime, daily production, overall equipment efficiency and other job statistics).
THE ONE, Mega Fast Die Cutting module, was developed to match the upcoming high speed digital presses. With the speed 150 m/min it is the fastest die cutting system in the world, that match twin anvil system speeds.

Last but not least is Grafotronic Fully Automatic Glueless Turret available in 350 mm width and designed to match Grafotronic DCL Fully Modular Digital Finishing line.

We plan to keep supporting our customers with the optimum solutions and meeting their needs for short delivery times. We put a constant focus on staying ahead of market trends, finding new solutions to satisfy any kind of requirements, adding more resources and optimizing on all levels. said Håkan Sundqvist,