Grafotronic DCL2
Modular Digital Finishing

Fully modular digital finishing

The DCL2 Modular Digital Finishing is a fully modular converting line made for finishing of preprinted labels. This machine, which is fully servo driven, is built with the latest high-tech components available. Each module is designed for maximum performance to cut downtime to a minimum.
The concept is 100% future safe and you can add a new module onsite in only 8 hours.


Most versatile solution on the market

  • 100% modular
  • Upgrade on site with any module in just 8 hours
  • All our future innovations are available for existing customers
  • The most comprehensive portfolio of modules
  • Innovative, automation features for non-stop production



The ONE is the fastest single anvil semirotary die in the industry capable of reaching a 150 m/minute, matching the twin anvils speed. THE ONE can be set up within just 30 cm and is developed to handle even the shortest runs in an effective way. And this is with a tolerance of just +/-0,1 mm.

NEW: Fully Automatic Turret Rewinder

The Grafotronic fully automatic turret rewinder is our latest new innovative automation module. The automatic changeover features significantly reduces job costs and maximizes output. With non-stop production, minimum waste and ultra-quick job changes you can be as effective as possible.


  • Glueless start for clean separation of printed labels from the core
  • Roll closure with printed label makes production of finished rolls fast and easy
  • Reduced start-up time and less operator intervention thanks to automatic core positioning and finished roll eject
  • Perfect solution for production of labels for: food, logistic and retail sectors
  • Suitable for wide range of labels, including labels printed on delicate, heat sensitive substrates, or using heat sensitive ink

SPECIALITY MODULES and noN-stop production features



  • Non-stop buffer for continuous run
  • Semi-automatic turret
  • AUTOCUT automatic cut at end of roll and start of new cycle


  • Fastest set up in the industry
  • 1,5 second / knife
  • Up to 15 knives across the web
  • Min slitting width: 15 mm


  • Quick and easy change of flexible dies
  • Easy to operate with step by step guide on operator panel
  • Time saving, user friendly solution
  • Flexible die change in 30 seconds


  • Hot stamping and embossing from Grafotronic and Pantec
  • Flat bed screen printing
  • Rotary Screen module


  • Booklet module
  • Multilayer Label Module



Unwind module:

  • Inline buffer for connection to printers
  • Unwind 800 mm / 1000 mm with active brake system
  • Web-guide with line guide sensor
  • Reel lift for heavy rolls
  • Corona system
  • Web cleaner
  • Web de-curler. Automated

Flexo print modules:

  • Flexo printing module rotary / semi-rotary with UV / IR Dryer
  • Re-register drive for over printing / in setting
  • Chill roller for film/heat sensitive materials

Lamination & cold foil modules:

  • Lamination with carrier rewind and super lamination
  • Cold foil system

Die cutting modules:

  • New generation Semi-rotary die cutting system 110 m/min
  • Q-FLEX Automatic flexible die loading system
  • Compensation program for flexible dies semi-rotary die cutting
  • Contact matrix waste rewind (snowball type) incl. back score unit
  • K+B Gapmaster with pressure control and oiling system
  • Servo driven Sheeter with conveyor table

Slitting systems:

  • Shear cut slitting system
  • SCI-FI KNIVES Automatic knife positioning
  • Razor Blade slitting station
  • Crush cut station
  • Auto set or manual under/back scorer

Rewind modules:

  • Servo driven rewind module for rolls up to 2 x 600 mm
  • Semi-automatic turret rewinder
  • AUTOCUT automatic web cutting and start of new cycle
  • Non-stop buffer module incl. additional ultrasonic web guide
  • Servo Driven Fully Automatic Turret Module. For rolls up to 4×350 mm
  • Additional fully automatic turret module

Rewind shafts:

  • Q-SHAFT – quick, easy and hassle free change the shaft

Technical specificationS

  • Max. web widths: 350 mm / 450 mm / 550 mm / 670 mm / 750 mm
  • Max. speed rotary: up to 220 m/min
  • Max. speed semi-rotary: 150 m/min
  • Max. unwind roll diameter: 1000 mm
  • Unwind shaft size: 76 mm
  • Flexo modules available: Full rotary / Semi rotary
  • Max. printing width: 350 mm / 450 mm / 550 mm / 670 mm / 750 mm
  • Ink drying: UV / IR / Hot Air Dryer system
  • Die cutting modules available: Full rotary / semi-rotary
  • Slitting systems available: shear cutting / razor knives / crush cut knives / SCI-FI KNIVES
  • Max. rewind roll diameter on 1 shaft: 800 mm
  • Max. rewind roll diameter on 2 shafts: 2 x 600 mm
  • Rewind shaft size: 25 mm – 152,4 mm
  • Drive: Servo
  • Operation: R/L or L/R