Sauter Druck GmbH invests in the new Grafotronic DCL² 550

Sauter Druck GmbH, based in Leutkirch im Allgäu, Germany, signed an order in September 2021 for an additional Grafotronic DCL. This is the fourth digital finishing machine purchased by Sauter from Grafotronic in the last five years.

Mr. Sauter, Managing Director of Sauter Druck GmbH, explained : “Due to the enormous growth of demand for higher print runs we had to react and increase production capacity. Once again, we decided in favour of a Grafotronic digital finishing machine. In addition to machine quality and performance, another important factor was Grafotronic’s local partner, Graficon, who is not only selling the machines but have after few years of cooperation proved to us, that they also meet our high service standards. Advice, maintenance, reaction and trust are the basis of this successful cooperation”.

In order to be able to process the digitally pre-printed labels with maximum productivity, Sauter Druck for the first time has invested in a 550 mm wide machine. With the Grafotronic DCL 550, the pre-printed labels are coated, punched, slit and assembled – all at a speed of up to 100 m/min with the semi-rotary die cutting unit. Thanks to the integrated non-stop buffer system, the large rolls are assembled directly into the finished small rolls without stopping the machine and with a considerable waste reduction.

The Sauter Druck team can look forward to the delivery of the new Grafotronic DCL 550 this year. This corresponds with a delivery time of just approx. 3 months, which is of course matters of the current market situation“, said Mr. Dominik Heiniger, managing director and owner of Graficon.

Grafotronic digital finishing machines are sold and serviced in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Swiss based Graficon Maschinenbau AG.