Grafotronic DCL2

Fully modular LASER finishing

The DCL2 SCI-FI Laser is a fully modular, FUTURE SAFE™ Laser Finishing System for the digital converting of printed labels and stickers.
Thanks to Grafotronic’s 100% modular concept the laser module has been designed for rapid integration and retrofitting and can be combined with any DCL2 modules.

Fully Integrated SCI-FI LASER MODULE

  • 1 or 2 laser heads available in the same module
  • Future safe: field upgrade from 1 to 2 lasers
  • Fully integrated into the DCL2 350 and 550 platforms
  • Can run roll to roll (R2R), roll to part (R2P) or both together
  • Can be configured for labels and sticker production
  • Precision closed loop tension control critical for thru cut parts like stickers and sticker sheets
  • Laser power modulation feature for creating holding nicks only in the liner
  • Fully automatic workflow
  • Back score and slitters set by laser
  • Cut position for turret set by laser
  • Automatic on-the-fly job changes with zero gaps between them
  • Vision system registration for X,Y and Theta correction
  • Industry 4.0 and XJDF compatible
  • Files formats supported: layered PDF, DXF, DWG, SVG
  • 250W or 450W lasers with either 10.6, 10.2 or 9.4 µm wavelengths
  • 350 mm and 530 mm laser fields of view (FOV)
  • Min. web widths: 105 mm / 165 mm
  • Max. web widths: 350 mm / 550 mm
  • Max. speed: 120 m/min

Most common modules applications and features


Unwind module:

  • Inline buffer for connection to printers
  • Unwind 800 mm / 1000 mm with active brake system
  • Web-guide with line guide sensor
  • Reel lift for heavy rolls
  • Corona system
  • Web cleaner
  • Web de-curler. Automated


  • Flexo printing module rotary with UV / IR Dryer

Lamination & cold foil options:

  • Self wound lamination with and without carrier, UV lamination
  • Cold foil and Cast&Cure (Super-lamination)

Die cutting modules:

  • New generation Semi-rotary die cutting system 110 m/min
  • Q-FLEX Automatic flexible die loading system
  • Compensation program for flexible dies semi-rotary die cutting
  • Contact matrix waste rewind (snowball type) incl. back score unit
  • K+B Gapmaster with pressure control and oiling system
  • Servo driven Sheeter with conveyor table


  • High speed 120 m/min
  • Single or dual laser source operating in line

Slitting systems:

  • Crush cut station
  • Auto set or manual under/back scorer
  • SCI-FI KNIVES. Automatic knife positioning
  • Shear cut slitting system
  • Razor Blade slitting station

Rewind modules:

  • Servo driven rewind module for rolls up to 2 x 600 mm
  • Semi-automatic turret rewinder
  • AUTOCUT automatic web cutting and start of new cycle
  • Non-stop buffer module incl. additional ultrasonic web guide

Standard Technical specificationS

  • Max. unwind roll diameter: 1000 mm
  • Unwind shaft size: 76 mm
  • Flexo modules available: Full rotary / Semi rotary
  • Slitting systems available: shear cutting / razor knives / crush cut knives / SCI-FI KNIVES
  • Max. rewind roll diameter on 1 shaft: 800 mm
  • Max. rewind roll diameter on 2 shafts: 2 x 600 mm
  • Rewind shaft size: 25 mm – 152,4 mm
  • Drive: Servo

Photos & videos