Grafotronic MCF
Mega Compact Finishing


The new MCF Mega Compact Finishing is a fully servo driven machine for finishing of digital printed labels.
The machine is a compact version of the Converting Lines. It has a very compact design and small footprint (only 47″) but can still finish most of your digital printed jobs thanks to lamination, semi-rotary, die cutting and slitting station.



Drive system:

  • Latest servo technology for full web control
  • Machine in solid construction and perfectly balanced

Intelligent unwind module:

  • Unwind unit 18″ [450 mm] capacity with fixed unwind shaft
  • Latest electronic web guide with ultrasonic sensor
  • Adjustable splice table and integrated pneumatic web clamps

Lamination module:

  • Lamination self wound
  • Lamination with carrier rewind

Die cutting module:

  • Quick change of flexible dies
  • Semi-rotary re-register servo driven 25″ repeat die station
  • Anvil and support roller, including one 25″ magnetic die cylinder
  • Servo driven matrix rewind
  • Automatic pressure control

Slitting system:

  • Razor Blade slitting station

Rewind unit:

  • Servo driven rewind for rolls up to 18″ [450 mm] diameter
  • Adjustable rewind tension for hard to soft rolls, including 3″ [76 mm] Q-SHAFT

Rewind shafts:

  • With the new Q-SHAFT you turn 1 handle 180o to change the shaft
  • Q-SHAFT is quick, easy and hassle free

Technical specification

  • Web width: 14″ [350 mm]
  • Max. speed: 131 ft/min [40 m/min]
  • Drive: Servo
  • Max. unwind diameter: 18″ [450 mm]
  • Max. rewind diameter: 18″ [450 mm]
  • Size: footprint 47″ [120 cm]

Photos & videos