Horizontal/Vertical Table Top


Horizontal and Vertical Table Top rewinder

New generation of table top rewinder: HV250 Horizontal and Vertical Table Top.
Developed for label printers for rewinding, counting, inspection and slitting of labels and film.

Horizontal and Vertical Table Top
from WLE



  • HV250 is 4 machines in 1 useful for most applications
  • Horizontal and vertical – turning plates for extra loose tension or fixed plates
  • Developed for label printers for rewinding, counting, inspection and slitting of labels and film
  • Bi-directional- easy to operate both forward and backward
  • Quick conversion for core sizes between 1” and 6”. Low cost and easy to change sleeves
  • 1” mm air shafts as standard
  • Optional quick change adaptors for other core sizes from 1.57” up to 6”
  • Counter in meter or feet as standard
  • Motorized angle of table for perfect tension
  • Easy to use touch screen computer in most languages
  • Heavy duty design with stainless steel table and discs
  • Remote diagnostics over internet to WLE service
  • Easy to install and start up. No installation and training needed
  • New improved splice table with magnetic clamps for both horizontal and vertical use
  • Ergonomic design for good access to load and unload rolls.
  • Adjustable legs for correct working height of the table
  • HV250 comes as a plug and play machine
  • Optional: missing label detection system for transparent labels
  • Optional: label Sensor Ultrasonic for transparent labels
  • Optional: razor Blade Station
  • Optional: pressure bar 350bar set
  • Optional: additional shaft adapters
  • Optional: plate for easy lifting of finished roll
  • Optional: LED Stroboscope with flexible arm UNILUX
  • Optional: upgrade with SERVO DRIVES

Technical specification

  • Maximum roll diameter: 17.3”
  • Maximum web width: 9.8”
  • Average max. speed: STANDARD: 328 ft/min
  • Average max. speed: SERVO UPGRADE: 492 ft/min
  • CE marked and packed on a standard EU pallet

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