DIgital Demo Days

25-29 April & 4-6 May

Open House in Grafotronic Factory

Grafotronic Digital Demo Days 2022

Welcome to Digital Demo Days in Warsaw.

This hybrid Event (on-line and on-site) will take place in our brand-new demo center.

Every day we will provide 5 live presentations and demonstrations on the latest innovations in digital finishing, embellishment, inspection and converting.

We have no less than four (4!) world premieres for the label industry – and we are releasing all of them during the event.

Event partners:
Domino Digital Printing Solutions – Dreyer Kliche – Foilco Limited

World Premiere


THE ONE 150 m/min

For the first time you will experience THE ONE. This is the first semi-rotary die in the industry with a single anvil running in speeds never seen before. Developed for the fastest digital presses today and in the future.

World Premiere


Grafotronic IQ. A new automation package designed for our flagship, the DCL. Automatic set up of all units length and crosswise.
The IQ increase productivity and decrease waste and downtime dramatically. The IQ is an innovation changing the world of digital finishing.

World Premiere


SCI-FI-laser with EDGELESS

Jaw dropping laser solutions with invisible cut technology. New developments on our already proven SCI-FI laser for the global label and sticker industry.

World Premiere


The HAPTIC series, a new and complete product range for wine and cosmetics. With two new screen modules, a new hot stamping solution and the latest digital embellishment module we now introduce the HAPTIC SERIES.

On top of that, we will also show you:

  • The HI3, the market leading servo inspection machines with the new choose green program.
  • The DC2. The high-speed die cutting machine with our superior quick-change system of magnetic cylinders.
  • The full range of the BOON-TECH efficiency enhancing auxiliary machines.

This and a lot more innovations will be presented to you in a nice and welcoming atmosphere in the heart of Warsaw.

Please contact us today to register.

Welcome to Grafotronic Digital Open Days 2022.