Grafotronic and Leonhard KURZ announce a global partnership

Fuerth, Germany, March 1, 2024: Leonhard KURZ, a market leader in thin-film technology and a pioneer in digital embellishment technology, alongside Grafotronic, experts in modular label converting equipment, have announced a global partnership. This alliance builds upon a series of successful collaborations, demonstrating the benefits of combining their expertise to elevate label industry standards.

Uniting Strengths for Innovation

Both companies are committed to advancing the label sector through technological innovation and networking. By merging Grafotronic’s manufacturing capabilities in modular label equipment with KURZ’s advancements in digital embellishment technology, this partnership aims to enhance label enhancement solutions.

Expertise and Technology Synergy

Leonhard KURZ brings to the table its expertise in thin-film technology and digital embellishment equipment, offering customers a range of system-matched consumables and machinery. This provision is intended to simplify processes for customers, utilizing decades of engineering knowledge and a vast array of products for the printing industry.
Grafotronic specializes in “future-proof” modular label machines, designed with adaptability in mind. Their offerings include laser cutting, laser finishing, and comprehensive finishing machines, which are adaptable to a variety of machines and technologies, including future innovations. Working hand in hand, KURZ and Grafotronic are set to impact the label embellishing and finishing industry significantly.

Empowering the Industry Through Collaboration

The partnership’s commitment is further demonstrated by the upcoming “Embellish More – Label Technology Forum” scheduled for April 11 and April 18 in Huntersville, NC, and at KURZ Transfer Products. This forum is designed for label converters, offering an opportunity to gain comprehensive insights into embellishment technology in a single day.

For more details and to register for the event, visit: This collaboration between Leonhard KURZ and Grafotronic marks a significant step towards enhancing label embellishment technologies, aiming to provide industry-wide benefits.