NOVACODE invest in customized solutions from Grafotronic

Novacode, one of the largest and most comprehensive label producers in Poland, recently invested in a further Grafotronic machine for Digital Finishing, with multiple custom solutions dedicated for their complex production.

Novacode employs over 130 people and has production equipped in 4 fully compatible Mark Andy flexographic machines and many other packaging and auxiliary machines. Novacode produces decorated self-adhesive labels, multi-layer “peel-off” labels, textile and logistic labels, but also durable harsh environment  labels, facia panels and many other specialist labels for automotive, electronic and chemical sectors.

The Grafotronic DCL2 machine is an essential part of new Novacode production line for advanced facia panels with directional electroluminescent illumination. Preparations for this project started 2019 and a big part of it was choosing a right supplier and machine configuration.

It is our second Grafotronic machine and the implementation of our first project with this company had a high level of partnership and flexibility, which are the key values for us in cooperation with our contractors. We searched for solution that will guarantee us greatest possible versatility of the machine and Grafotronic solutions fits our specific needs.‘  – says Przemysław Ruge, co-owner of the company

Przemysław Ruge continues, ‘Thanks to its experience Grafotronic team offered us many interesting solutions and finally we received a complex machine that contains many commonly used modules in this type of machines, as well as a few unique solutions that Grafotronic has developed only for us. The combination of all these components gives us a personalized yet versatile finishing machine. DCL2 is a web converting machine and we use it during medium and high volume production. A big advantage of the Grafotronic machine is its lamination module which allows us to combine many different materials with high precision when working to register. In addition to its great versatility, the new Grafotronic line also allows us to significantly improve many production processes. Last but not least, the DCL2 is a fully modular solution so it is very easy to expand it with new functionalities. We already have an upgrade configuration ready and we will implement it soon.

We are convinced that thanks to this new investment, we will never answer “it’s impossible to do it” to any customer’ concludes Przemysław Ruge.