Lauterbach Group installs Grafotronic machine

LAUTERBACH GROUP, INC. based in Sussex, WI., has invested in a Grafotronic HI3 Inspection Slitter / Rewinder system – its first machine from the Sweden-headquartered manufacturer.

The Grafotronic HI3 is a third-generation fully servo driven Inspection Slitter / Rewinder machine. The HI3 that features a max speed of 1,300 feet/minute. It allows for the addition of the most popular web inspection systems on the market and accurate fault placement onto an operator friendly, wide, viewing area for removal or replacement of defects. It is upgradable with a semi-automatic turret and our automatic slitting knives making it the most productive and automated slitter-rewinder on the market.

Lauterbach Group is a Wisconsin printer and converter that specializes in Pressure Sensitive Labels, Shrink Sleeve Labels, Flexible Packaging Pouches, and other non-adhesive printed products.

Lauterbach Group presents itself as a stable, traditional company – even though the entire company clearly is hyper modern run with a strong focus on being lean and automated. They strive for continuous improvement by investing in automation, state-of-the-art equipment and their valued Group Members. Spend five minutes on the premises and it will be obvious to you that the core values such as, Client Satisfaction, Operational Excellence and Sustainability, are fully implemented and that ISO, GRACOL, FIFO and LEED are not just fancy abbreviations on the website. They are, in fact, completely integrated in their daily operations.

We were not happy with our existing machinery, so we invested in the Grafotronic HI3. And I just have to say it’s designed really well. It’s built really well. We got rid of the old machines and kept only one for ultra-short runs – because we are so productive with the Grafotronic HI3 – said Shane Lauterbach, President of Lauterbach Group. – We didn’t have to buy another machine…even small run jobs are super-fast.

It´s just a great piece of equipment. The tension system is awesome. The ease of use is fantastic. The interface is easy to work with. Efficient, fast, and productive. And you can get a hold of people! – said Heath Lauterbach, Vice President of Operations.

The Grafotronic service team is simply super responsive. Just the fact that you don’t have to go through a call center is fantastic……to put it short: the service is rockstar good! – concluded Heath Lauterbach.